Pioneering Excellence Since 1987

At Summit Technology Affiliates, we blend innovation with tradition, shaping the future of business communications and office solutions. Our journey is marked by relentless dedication, visionary leadership, and a commitment to transcending customer expectations.

More About Summit

Since its inception in 1987, Summit Technology Affiliates has epitomized innovation and excellence in office equipment and communication solutions. As a pioneer in the South Central United States, our journey began with a focus on blending precision in print, efficiency in mailing, and the dynamic world of digital communications. Under the visionary leadership of Tony Pezeshkian, our Chairman/CEO, we transformed from a small entity into a leading provider of business technology solutions, including cutting-edge products from Canon and Toshiba.

Our ethos, deeply rooted in honesty, ethics, and exceptional customer service, has driven our expansion across Oklahoma and southwestern Missouri, specializing in mailing, shipping, and customer communications management. Tony's commitment to the 'Business Office Space' evolution and his relentless pursuit of excellence has seen the original team of eight grow to over seventy professionals across seven office locations in five states. His philosophy of promoting health, happiness, and prosperity within our organization and the communities we serve is a testament to our status as a proud, family-owned business.

Summit Technology Affiliates is not just a business partner but a beacon of ethical and honest practices in the industry. Our understanding of the critical role documents play in information flow has guided our approach to genuinely understanding and meeting the evolving needs of organizations. Over 35 years, we have committed to continuous improvement, staff development, ethical standards, and sustainable growth, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the industry. As a diverse and united team, we uphold a culture of responsibility, accountability, and creativity, dedicated to never losing a customer and inspiring our employees to exceed their potential.