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Providing Local Support and Service since 1987

Since 1987, Summit has been a leader in the office equipment marketplace in South Central United States. Offering the latest solutions from major manufacturers such as Canon and Toshiba for your copier, color copier, printing, scanning and workflow solutions. Our methodology sends us on a path to truly understand the evolution of an organization and how we can partner with our customers to make a positive impact on their organization or business. We have built our business on a foundation of honesty, ethics, and exceptional customer service.
We are a leading provider of mailing, shipping and parcel management, and customer communications management solutions in Oklahoma and southwestern Missouri. We are people that believe in developing lasting relationships with our customers by partnering with them to provide a positive business impact to their people, their customers, and their organizations.

Tony Pezeshkian


Tony Pezeshkian


A Proud Family Owned Business

Once graduating from college, Tony's curiosity of the future of “Business Space Operation” set him on a path of research. After college, he started searching for the best job opportunity for a working postgrad student. An opportunity that would support his passion, technical knowledge, and aptitude to make a difference. He continued to dream of the future of “Business Office Space” and how communication styles would transform the industry. After several rejections, he set his sight on Summit Business Systems Inc. of Oklahoma City. From there Summit Technology Systems became what it is today.
Tony challenges himself daily, learning the art of human interaction, business to business relationships, communication methods, and customer-needs-evaluations by offering value to his clients as a business. In 1995, after becoming a top producing manager and revenue generator, Tony started a new company, Summit Mailing & Shipping Systems Inc. (SMSSI) after he purchased part of Summit Business Systems' assets. The next few years, with a handful of colleagues, Summit Mailing and Shipping System had made a name for itself withing the regions of Oklahoma & Northern Texas. He led his team to tremendous growth in revenues within those years and attained many national recognitions & awards. In 1999, Tony purchased the remaining assets of Summit Business System. The original team of 8 has now grown to over 70. As of 2022 there are a total of 8 office locations in seven states. Tony has consistent focus on promoting happiness, health, and prosperity, within the walls of present day Summit.
Tony is equally inspired by his employees as they work daily to make his vision come to life. A vision of a business build on a foundation of honesty, virtue, and loyalty within communities they serve each day. Tony and his wife of 37 years, Evelyn, currently reside in the same community that they serve daily. They enjoy traveling and spending time as a family.

A Business Partner That Values Ethics and Honesty

We understand that your documents are the key vehicles by which information flows through your organization and to your customers and clients. Our methodology sends us on a path to truly understand the evolution of an organization and its needs both present and future. After all we are only as successful, as the clients that we support. Originating as a legacy Gestetner branch operation, the Summit Family of Companies was built on a foundation of honesty, mutually valuable business relationships, and exceptional customer service. Many years ago, our executive team launched an ever-evolving mission to become and excel as an industry leader in business technology solutions. Over past 35 years, the strategies we have consistently implemented to achieve our business goals and the highest levels of customer satisfaction include:

  • Providing a comprehensive training and development program for our staff, as well as ensuring that they have the tools and resources necessary to reach their professional goals.
  • Maintaining an environment that encourages personal and professional growth.
  • Upholding high ethical standards in all our corporate relationships.
  • Earning a financial return that ensures future growth and long-term stability

An Employer That Values Diversity and Teamwork

Our commitment is not limited to our customers, but also to providing a healthy work environment for our own employees. As a team, we proudly work towards being an optimal performing company and creating a work culture that is responsible, accountable and produces the high level of results that set us apart from our competitors. By utilizing our diverse strengths and fostering teamwork, we strive to never lose a customer! We look forward to inspiring people to challenge themselves to become more creative and productive than they ever thought possible!